Fear, the Jackass, and Refried Beans

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One of the most important things I learned about being in business is that many people are afraid. And when we’re afraid, either that we missed something, or that we’re not liked, or we aren’t sure of what we’re doing, then we make some pretty interesting decisions: not answering the phone arguing with people taking a “stance” “going on the offensive” ignoring emails/texts/queries for information The flip side: when we encounter someone coming from a fear space we react… we re-act…...

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Powerlessness and Graceful Receiving

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I’ve always had a “problem” with “admitting I am powerless.”   If you’ve ever been around any 12 step program, or related to someone in a 12 step program, admitting you are “powerless” is a biggie of the 12 step process.  For me, the thought of being a divine child of God and saying I am powerless just never ever jived for me. It has seemed, like many intentions, a great thought by Bill W so many years ago to get ego out of the way, yet has been turned into an excuse by many for...

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The Permanence of Impermanence – managing change

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I’m floating in the ocean of possibility. It’s a fairly huge ocean and yet everyone of us is born with a rudder to guide us to the places of joy and fulfillment.  What happens when I deliberately pull up my rudder and float? Can I even do that? Is it even possible to remove my cultural pulls and learned behaviours to the point where I can truly float along, doing things that take my fancy, with joy, abandon and no care for where I end up? This month, I’m transitioning into a new decade of aliveness on the Big Blue Ball....

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A line in the sand

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I have this 3×5 card which says on it: Make the Decision Move Forward in Faith and Confidence We’re all making decisions every single day. Some with a big impact, some with a small impact.  All of them with consequences. Sharing with a mentee of mine yesterday about how I came to create and carry this card reminded me of the power in a decision. The power of yes or no. The power of this way or that. So many trite notes have been written about sitting on a fence and how indecision is painful. Yeah, that’s all true....

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The desperate need to categorize?

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What is it with our desperate need to categorize ourselves? More and more these days, I hear people talking about systems. Systems to lose weight, systems to build a business, systems for farting into a container. Hey I talk about building systems myself! I’m all for systems! I think doing something consistently is the path to success. I see, though, as a way to fit into someone else’s system, I observe a completely vacuous need to put ourselves in categories. What purpose does categorizing myself serve before building my personal...

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Throw the to-do list out the window

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Yeah, you got a million things to do. Me too. Sometimes you gotta throw the to-do list out of the window and say fu*k it. Lighten up, there muffin. There is a pile of sunshine outside waiting for you to breathe it in. The list will be here when you get back. If you just can tear yourself awway from the laptop… at least watch some Jack Black and Cee Lo Green. Love you, love your...

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Business to the Beat of your Own Drum

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I am frequently reminded that it’s more than important, it’s VITAL (and cool) to do business my way with my style.  Yeah, I emulate some interesting peeps in the world and see what they’re doing. I don’t do it their way, though. Because I don’t want what they want. I want what I want. I get my tangible reminder every morning to keep beating my own drum at my local crack, uh, I mean caffeine, provider. Almost every day, I see a skinny white guy with dredlocks, scruffy beard and tivo sandals whip out a...

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Into a box, or not.

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In the last few weeks, I’ve been refining, improving and receiving. Something very very big is brewing. It’s way bigger than the recent stuff I’ve been working on.  My most recent exploration is how to talk about the expanse and depth of the work I do on this earth. How do I name it so people can engage with me in it? Feels like I’m squeezing myself into a a size 5 when I’m a size 8.5. Not really working too well. For now, rather than shoe horn myself into something that is so limiting, I’m gonna hang...

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Managing expectations and releasing disappointment

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Expectations and disappointment. They so go hand in hand. Afterall, if I didn’t have the expectations in the first place, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Or, better said, if I had better communicated my desires and expectations, the disappointment would have been mitigated. There are, of course, quite a few examples we could all throw in here: big family events, staff training, etc. I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at clearly communicating and being flexible. Of course, there is always an opportunity for God to test the...

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AFOGs – Constant change and evolution

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Aloha everyone! I had a super awesome message in my email this morning saying there was a new follower to this blog-o-mine. What a great feeling to have when someone clicks the follow button I don’t even know her yet! In gratitude, here is a shout out to my new friend – go check out her website. I am also reminded by Amy, the aforementioned new follower deciding to click the follow button, how really small our world is. We are really interconnected. And how you and I interact even in this one-way-push-medium of the internet blog...

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